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One day, a good friend of mine called and said that he had become the Marketing Manager in one of the heavy machines company at Jakarta. I was happy for him to hear that. I remembered his effort to do one business to another business and always failed. He moved from one company to another company and wasn’t able to settle. He often complained about his never changing situations. I once told him to stop complaining and be thankful of God’s goodness in his life, and I told him to work harder.

But it was hard for him to do it. Yes, I believe it’s not easy to be thankful when we feel we are not in a good situation. Luck seems to be far from our lives. But, eventually I didn’t hear my friend complaining anymore. He said that during the days while he was jobless, he started to reflect on what God had been done in his life. He began to say gratitude for the God’s goodness. Since then, he persevered in God and a few days after he got a call from the company at which he is working now. “Thank God” I said after I got off the phone from my friend.

Finally, he gets to enjoy God’s goodness and feels the impact in his life. Friend, I believe if my good friend hadn’t turned his complaints into gratitude and hadn’t changed his old way of thinking, then most probably his life would’ve stayed the same; struggling in the same problems that seems to never end.

There are two keys to open the door of success in front of us, and we should aware of this in order to enjoy God’s blessings in our lives. First of all is to be grateful and the second one is perseverance. If we always complain about our lives, which are not smooth and have many turns, then it will delay the blessings to come into our lives. On the other hand, if we surrender to God and His will, be joyful, keep praying and saying gratitude all the time, then I believe His blessings will come in full to our lives.

Friend, if today we are faced by the same problem that makes us want to quit, then are we willing to pause and start saying our gratitudes of the goodness and mercy from God in any of our circumstances? Believe that God is able to pour out His blessings more and more into our lives. The door of success is waiting when we persevere more in God. So let’s keep being grateful and persevere in Him. Have your faith that when you change complaints to gratitudes, a burdened life will be great with God. Yes, He is the center and the source of our lives. He will give strength, joy, peace and favor when we are willing to live according to His will. (JL/ST)

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