A Fighter of Life

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Her left eye was taken due to eye cancer at one. At elementary school, she became a laughing stock for all her friends, and it surely made her cry. Upon coming home from school, she asked her mother, is it true that she is a handicapped? Her mother then told her how her left eye was taken, and though she had a weakness, she possessed much strength too. Her mother had never differentiated her with any other normal child. She gave her the equal portion of attention. Looking at her physical condition and other factors, the school decided to let her leave school. However, Alvita Dewi Siswoyo insisted on continuing her studies in school, to accomplish her dreams.

At 16, again, she had to swallow the pill of bitterness of suffering cancer. It was cancer in her legs that time. She often cried due to the excruciating pain that her body was feeling, and more of due to the limited time she had left on earth. She had an unaccomplished dream – to be a doctor. She wanted to live so that she could take care of both her parents later on in life. “God, allow me to live,” Alvita said. Yes, both of her parents is her reason to stay alive. To Alvita, her parents give her the enthusiasm, strength and courage to live her life. The enthusiasm, fighting spirit and toughness that she possesses led her to her

She used to look at her father, helping many people as a doctor so she wanted to be a doctor too. This desire and longing was planted in her heart since young. It was indeed not a smooth and easy path for her to travel on. At times, her condition made her think twice, can she really do it? It was because of the cancer that she had. God’s ways are way beyond our ways; He loves each person who lives boldly. Alvita is now a doctor. Not only her dreams came true, she is now also an inspiration and a role model for many people. She likes to be called “a fighter of cancer”, rather than “a victim of cancer”. In her opinion, a victim is one who is in a weak condition, but a fighter is one who never gives up despite all the harsh conditions.

Beloved, how about us? Do we often engage in self-pity when problems come our way and we do not know what to do? I remember when I wanted to end my life when I was in Senior High School. I remember clearly how I decided to leave the Lord in 1997. Yes, I remember how I really liked to complain, lament, regret and even curse myself when I was facing problems. I often engaged in self-pity, asking bout God’s existence and His fairness. I also chose to live as a defeated person, a loser, rather than live as a winner who appreciates and gives thanks for life and live boldly.

Beloved, engaging ourselves in self-pity and mourning over our lives do not help us to be conquerors. Always blaming the conditions around and even blaming God and regretting our own existence are not solutions to the problem. For allowing ourselves to think that we are failures gives us a bond to the feeling of being a victim, and it will definitely not take us out from all our problems.  I believe that life is not always easy and beautiful. The path ahead of us is not always smooth and straight. Nevertheless, let us live our lives with Him, and reach our dreams with Him. Place ourselves as a fighter of life, not a victim of life. (JL/DS)

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