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God created human in His image, complete with different gifts within every person. Unfortunately, sometimes people are not aware of the talents or gifts that they have. As a result, they claim themselves not having any abilities at all. As we all know, when God form human beings, He didn’t forget to put talents or great strengths within them. How to recognize these gifts, so we can develop them?

A talent or a gift is an ability of every person that might be developed through achievements. Usually, one talent is different from the others, as this is to differentiate each individual. Being able to develop a talent is everyone’s desire. But, is it hard to develop talents? It is not hard, as long as we are willing to learn.

Recognizing a gift is not as easy as flipping our hands. First of all we need to measure our self-ability, and then determine self-concept. The measurement of self-ability is to know the potentials within each individual. The measurement includes self-introspection, other people’s judgment, or personality test.

After we are done with self-ability measurement, then we determine self-concept. Self-concept is the perception of one about oneself. The perception is shaped from the conclusions based on experiences. In other words, if someone sees himself as a positive person, then he will develop his self-confidence. On the other hand, if the self-concept of one is negative, then he will grow into a person who gives up easily and doesn’t have self-confidence.

So, have you developed your self-ability? If you haven’t developed your inner self or found your talents, try to ask God. Because basically when God created human beings, He didn’t forget to put in the talents or gifts. Try to check your strength.

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