How Precious Life is

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It is admit able that the both the electronic and printed media are at times filled with the phenomena of committing suicide. Due to the economical pressure, the feeling of shame or failure, being tired of this life’s toughness, some people even end their lives because of what we might regard as trivial. However, it might be a really big matter in their eyes. Looking at the incidents that happen, it made me remember the incident that happened more than ten years ago. I almost ended my own life using a samurai. I felt that living was utterly useless for nobody cares anymore. I thought that if the people who did not care about me knew that I committed suicide, they would be so remorseful. However, the moment I saw that long and sharp samurai, I kind of changed my mind. A fear developed within me. I started to think, what would happen if that sharp thing really pierced through my body? If I died immediately, it would not be a problem. But what if I became half – dead, or even get disabled for the rest of my life?

Remembering those moments, I feel very ashamed. Beloved friends, there are so many problems and trials in life that makes human beings blinded in the eyes and in the heart. They feel as though there is no longer ay meaning to this life. We want to immediately leave this world that seem so cruel to us. We feel that the world is not being kind to us due to all the problems that come to us, starting from the smallest problems to the hugest ones. Without us even realizing it, we tend to count more of our sufferings than our happiness. If we were to think realistically, God’s love and goodness in our lives is truly extraordinary and truly immeasurable. There are so many extraordinary works of God that are actually at work in our lives. Personally, I feel so grateful that I did not end my life at that time. For now, I can share my life’s testimony to my friends, who feel that life is not valuable or meaningless, to those who think that committing suicide is a shortcut to solving problems.

Beloved friends, life is a fight. There are so many sufferings and various kinds of stories that lie within it. The numerous victories and happiness that are in our lives come to add color into it. Henceforth, let us possess the fighting spirit and the ability to withstand all things in our lives. It may be hurtful and tedious at times, but let us pluck up our courage and live it. We will gain more victory the moment we have enough courage to face all things that are in store for us in life, to live boldly and solve all the problems in our lives, rather than being courageous enough to die because we want to run away from problems. Let us learn to appreciate our lives that are not perfect and not always beautiful by always giving thanks and surrendering. It is indeed not easy; however, trust that there is always grace from God that will enable us to do it. Life is not only ours to live, but also it is ours to be enjoyed, appreciated, given thanks for and respected, for life is precious.

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