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We have to admit, when we are angry with someone, it is easier to remember all the bad things that he has done to us. For instance, a friend whom we trust so much betrays us. We don’t understand why he has the heart to do such an evil thing to us. We will look for more proof to justify our anger towards that person. We will confide with other friends to find out if they feel the same regarding this particular person. And of course, the more we do that, the angrier we will become.

Anger management is very important, not only in business or friendship, but also in family relationship. Getting angry with our spouse, parents, in-laws, children, will actually make us feel so hurt. Why even our own family members don’t understand us? I have done a lot for this family. I have sacrificed much, why they cannot appreciate it? Instead they do all kinds of things that make me mad. How could they do this to me? They are my own blood.. What did I do to deserve this? These are common thoughts that will occur in our mind.

If we continue to meditate upon these negative thoughts, it’s just a matter of time before we lose a relationship. Entertaining negative thoughts is not effective in managing our anger. Casualties take place when anger is not managed properly. We see many broken relationships. Brothers do not want to talk to one another anymore. Parents disown their own children. Best friends become worst enemies. They prefer to hold on to their anger and bring in down into the grave. A lifetime opportunity of reconciliation is lost, just because they do not know how to manage their anger.

What we need to do is exactly the opposite. When we are angry with someone, we need to remember all the good things that he has done to us. We need to recall the good moments that we shared with him. This is not easy, but if we succeed in doing just that, our anger will subside. We will come to realize that he is just human who has ups and downs, merits and demerits, strengths and weaknesses. When we are able to think from the right point of perspective, we will have a chance to save the relationship, to even pray for him, to forgive and bless him, even though he has hurt us so.

The Bible says in Ephesians 4:26, “When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath last until the sun goes down.” We have the right to be angry, and to express our anger and disappointment, but we need to watch out. Do not let it get blown out of proportion, and drag us into sin. Anger becomes sin when we start cursing, saying bad words, and getting physical by punching or slapping the person that we are angry with.

After that, the Bible tells us to make a quick decision to get over it. Don’t bring today’s anger into tomorrow. The longer we keep this anger inside our heart, the worst the outcome will be. Then, the Bible continues to tell us in verse 27, “Leave no room or foothold for the devil.” It means if we do not put an end to our anger, the devil will soon be able to mess up with our lives even more. Brothers and sisters, let’s not allow this to happen. Let’s take a stand, so we can live our lives peacefully. Don’t let the devil mess up God’s beautiful plan in your life, just because you cannot manage your anger well. (DC)

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