Pouring out inner feelings

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In the past, to pour out our inner feelings, besides sharing it with our best friends or families, we write them in a diary. In the early 90s, people preferred to pour out their inner feelings in the radio. They feel comfortable to be able to talk to the broadcaster, saying out what they really feel inside. This is very different from the situation nowadays. Most people prefer to voice out their feelings through the electronic media, through a blog or a social network. There is a huge variety of inner feelings. Beloved, pouring out inner feelings is very important, for all of us needs a place to be able to pour out all our feelings to. When we are able to pour out and throw away all of the feelings that have been blocking our hearts, we feel very relieved.

However, what happens if we want to share something very private? We couldn’t just broadcast it in our blog or social network. If we write it in a diary, someone might read it by accident if we do not keep our diaries well. Thus, how do we pour out all these feelings? And whom should we entrust all our secrets to? We need a hiding place that is safe and secure. Not only we can pour out all of our feelings, but we would also feel comfortable, still and peaceful. We could also find a solution out from our problems.

Beloved, why don’t we pour out all of those burdens that are in our hearts and also every single thing that we face to God, our Creator? Yes, God will always be our Father and our best friend. He is the best for us. Above all else that we know, God is the one who knows us the best, He knows us inside out. He understands us better than anyone else. Even before we express our feelings to Him, He already knows the depths of our hearts, what we feel, what our wishes and desires are. Not only that, what makes it even more amazing is that whatever we say to Him will not leak out, even if it is the top secret! Stillness, everlasting peace and even solutions are what we get from Him if we commit all of our ways to Him and depend only on HIM! (JL/DS) 

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