Ministry that Gives Birth to Kings (Leaders)

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When you feel like you are so tiny (no one) compared to other people, it means that you are using the standard of other people’s success. Sometimes, without even us realizing it, that kind of understanding about success enters our minds, because it is commonly used everywhere. Successful stories have a main goal to inspire people. However, there are some cases where people can even feel very down after reading those stories.

However, that is not the truth.

The truth is, God created every single creation of His for a specific purpose, and no one is more suitable to do it than you.

 You are forever God’s beloved.

Just like every child has a special “block” in his parent’s heart, so do we, the children of God, have a special “block” too in His heart. No one can ever replace the other in God’s heart.


#The story of David and Jonathan

David and Jonathan are equally brave in wars. They were the heroes who brought Israel to great victories.

The soldiers of Israel also loved them dearly. The soldiers of David were willing to die for him. Jonathan’s soldiers guarded their own lives when Jonathan was almost killed by Saul, his father, who was then the king of Israel.

They had a vow with each other for faithfulness in their friendship.

However, in terms of character, Jonathan was much better than David.

Jonathan had always loved David sincerely and with all his heart. He was always there to support David. However, once, David changed the heir of Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan who had a limped leg, to his servant, when Mephibosheth’s servant accused him. David easily forgot about the love of Jonathan and his own vow.

Time went by, and David became the king of Israel for 33 years. Whereas Jonathan, the son of King Saul had to be killed in a battle.

It was as though God did not put into account Jonathan’s sincerity and kindness.

Jonathan stood for David in front of his father, Saul, so that David could escape from Saul.  He supported David, giving him strength that one day, David would be king of Israel, and the throne will be enthroned to him. Imagine this, Jonathan did all these despite the fact that he was the son of the king, Saul.

It seems that Jonathan was the kind and sincere hearted, but his fate was only as far as that war. On the other hand, the emotional and tricky David was blessed to be the King of Israel that was anointed by God.

From the story above, we can conclude that success in the eyes of the world like having abundant riches, possessing high positions is not always relevant to a person’s greatness or the quality of a character.

Nevertheless, we should not ignore the word of God that encourages us to spiritual success as well.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being successful and famous in the

you will increase and never decrease.” and “You are the salt and light of the world.” Hence, we should be an inspiration to the world, impacting the world with values of righteousness and being a blessing in this world.

However, the field in this world we live in is way to wide, beyond human’s capacity to comprehend. As such, skilled workers in each aspect are needed.

Live not under the label of others, but under your own label, fulfilling your very own purpose (the reason God created you).

Maybe you are ordinary parents who are sending your children to be the future great leaders. Or maybe you are an ordinary person who is not known by the world around, but you may be mentoring, advising, accompanying and strengthening people who will later be great leaders. If that is the case, your ministry here on earth is similar to Jonathan – to mentor, accompany and strengthen someone to be a great leader.

There is no need for you to feel sad because you think you failed, or that you don’t have a personal reputation that can “be accounted for”.

Your task in this life is to give birth to, mentor, strengthen and send great leaders to their respective thrones.

You will have a reputable name here on earth, and you will get an eternal crown later in heaven. (RH/DS)

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