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Have we ever wished for a life filled with beauty and ease? We can dream of a life filled with only the happy episodes. Without sufferings and tears, or even the gloomy colors in it? But what is it like in reality? Life is indeed not as beautiful as dreams and our imaginations. In life, we will feel a variety of different things. Sweetness, bitterness, sourness and spiciness will come and go adding to the taste and colors of our lives. There are times we will enjoy good and romantic times. However, there are also times where we will taste the sourness and staleness of our lives.  And even at times, oftentimes we find ourselves tasting the bitterness and the pain of spiciness coming in the journey of our lives.

Yes, there are times we face the darkness of night, where we can only hear the thunders rolling and see the storms coming. We feel cold, pain, sadness and even fear. We smell the awful smell of loneliness and emptiness. However, let us know that there will come a time for us to see the beauty of the rainbow coming, and feel the warmth of the sunshine, listen to the birds chirping, smell the fragrant scent of flowers, view the beauty of life, and experience His unlimited and perfect love and goodness.

All that happens in this life have their own meanings and purposes. Now, we may not be able to understand the purpose of all the problems that we face. However, trust that God always knows the things that we face. Friends, life may not be as beautiful as our wishes, but also realize that it is not something to be feared of excessively either. Live every moment with all our ability, surrender unto Him, enjoy all the things we feel in our lives with thanksgiving unto Him, trusting that all things would work together for good for those who love Him and are called in His plans. Life is indeed not as beautiful as our dreams, but it is not as bad as what we fear of, for we have a big God. He does not promise that the skies will be blue always, but He promises that He will always be there for us, giving us strength. Keep your faith in Him, the One who owns life. (JL/DS)

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