Life Is An Adventure

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Life is an adventure. It offers various exciting stories. Many extraordinary things happen in each episode that makes us learn and wonder whether to finish the adventure or just quit without understanding how the adventure ends. Yes, life is an adventure. Sometimes, we are like in the middle of a scary jungle. When the night comes and darkness covers, everything seems to be creepy. Anxiety and fear grasps us, which makes us lose direction.

Life is an adventure. Sometimes we are like hikers who climb up a high mountain as if we don’t care about how high we have climbed. The choice is in our hands whether to reach the top of the mountain even though our hands can’t hold the sharp stones anymore or just quit without getting to know what the top looks like. Life is indeed an adventure. We are like being in a small boat in the midst of a strong current river. Do we have the guts to pass or avoid the obstacles? We have to go through cold water, big rocks in front of us, wavering, and if we are not careful then our boat can hit the rock and make us crashed.

Life is an adventure that can take us to the center of the open sea. When strong waves come and hit the ship of our life, the storm will make us worried. The choice is to go through it, let it be drowned, or crashed? Life is an adventure. We are like being on a Roller Coaster that runs at high speed. Going up and down rapidly makes the heart skips a beat, brings nervous feelings, weaken the legs as if they are going off their place.

When we are having a trip in the jungle, as we are walking with God, we will not always be in the darkness of the night because the morning will come. The sun will replace the night, and we will understand the beauty of morning. The birds sing welcoming the morning, we can see the colorful flowers, and we can touch and feel the early morning mist.

When we want to continue our hiking, with the Master of life climber we will not be afraid. Let Him hold our hands, and don’t let go. One day we will reach the top. Happiness and relief will replace anxiety.

When our life is like the rafting adventure, believe that if we follow the instructions of the Master, if we keep paddling following the stream, then we will be saved.

When we are in open sea, just give the wheel to God, the true Sailor; He will take control of everything. Just believe that storm will not rage forever. There will be a time when the storm calms down, and then we will be able to see the quiet sea and a beautiful Ferris wheel as His promise will not be broken.

When we still have to go through life as riding a roller coaster, let Him be on our side. Let Him hug us with His strong hands, bringing peace to the heart even though we have to pass dark and bitter moments.

Life is an adventure that will keep on going and everything is possible to happen. Obstacles and blockages will be in front of us. Are we challenged to face it? Are you ready to end it beautifully? Let’s just go through everything with the Owner of life only. He will protect, calm the storm, hold our hands, drive and control this life if we are willing to ask and surrender to Him.

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