In Whose Hands?

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Looking at the way some people play the violin, I felt like playing too. I also admire people playing the piano. Listening to the melodies created as the pianist gently touches his fingers on the piano board, I was like flying in the air. When I see a musician blowing the saxophone, it seemed so easy for him to just blow into the mouthpiece and just press his fingers on the saxophone, then a melodious tune is heard. However, the moment I tried to play the violin, what is the result? It was not like what I had expected. A total chaos! I am not a violinist. Once, I also tried playing the piano, but a series of weird tunes was created. I thought it was easy to just press my hands on the piano board. The musical instruments were the same as the ones my friends used. However, the melody created was totally different. Friends, the same musical instruments do not guarantee the same tunes created, in this case a melodious and beautiful tune. It all depends on whose hands are those musical instruments in. if they are in the hands of a person who has never studied music like me, a horrible tune will be created. However, if they are in the hands of the right people who have the talents, a beautiful and harmonized tune will be created.

The same goes for the lives we live. Trust that our lives are indeed in the Expert’s hands. He knows how to arrange and control every single episode in our lives. Sometimes, we feel like we’re more able than God. We think that we can do everything by ourselves using our own strength. However, when we are eventually bumped into the wall of problems, we do not know what to do, we lose all creativity and ability. There is nothing we could do but to surrender all to the Expert’s hands. He is able to do great and extraordinary things. All things that seem so difficult and impossible, can all bow down to His will. Why? Because that is His field of expertise. There is no need for us to use our own mind, strength, time and method. We are not more able than Him. Friends, we do not need to spend the time to help God to make things they way we hope or expect either. He knows very well what to do and He is going to do the best things just for us. We may have a thousand and one ways we think are the best for us, but it is definite and proven, that only His ways are the best of best.

Today, no matter the challenges and problems we are facing, and no matter how heavy they are, continue living to know Him more and more. Involve Him in all the aspects of your life, surrender and entrust everything into His hands. The more we get to know Him, the more we get to know His will. In His control, everything will be alright. God bless you. (JL/DS)

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