From the Fruits

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From the fruits, we are able to learn about the tree.

Nowadays, from the statements that come out from a man’s mouth, we know the kind of person he is.

  1. In a very short period of time, we are able to read the condition that is taking place at that time. (What the condition is like)
  2. From the things that consistently appear, we can derive what things have been controlling a person’s heart, mind and his mindset. This makes his point of view. In return, a person’s point of view determines his intellectual, logic, experiences, his position, character and more.


If we are able to read other people’s behavior, they are also able to read us. We need to be able to read about a person’s characters to make adjustments about his heart and his life. However, if we measure to much, we end up judging to much, and it results in us not being able to love others. This means that we would be living outside of HIS LOVE. This is because the conditions of our hearts influences and covers the truth.

Do everything for God, and be God’s extended arms.


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