Inauguration of 3 new Anugrah Learning Centers in Padang District, 26th of September 2014

3 Anugrah Learning Centers Baru di Distrik Padang
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On the 26th of September 2014, the Adikku Sayang team boarded on a flight to Padang, West Sumatra for the Anugrah Learning Centres Inauguration. Under the leadership of Philip Sembiring, MD for over 3 years, the centre at GKII Padang has grown and was chosen to become the new district to oversee the other 3 new centers: the Auduri, the Seberang Palinggam, and the Cendana, which are located within the radius of 3-5 km from Padang Center. These new students were given new bag packs complete with school supplies, ushering them into the new school year.

30 students were enrolled in the Adikku Sayang program from Padang District. The dispersions of the Anugrah Learning Centers in three strategic areas will allow more keen students living in unfortunate conditions and poverty-stricken areas to receive supports. These students will now have the opportunity to change the course of their lives, which is through education and proper support.

The community had experienced tremendous blessing and support, evident through the significant change in character, behavior, and school grades. We believe that the seeds sown in fertile soils will not go in vain. Through education, proper support, and character buildings, the future of these children is bright. Together we can build a stronger Indonesia through implementing positive character building and the right mindset.

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