Fieldtrip Adikku Sayang Jabodetabek, Jakarta Aquarium

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Fieldtrip is a moment longed for by every Adikku Sayang student in any center, spread out in the archipelago of Indonesia. Fieldtrip is one of the facilities given by Anugrah Pressindo Foundation to every Indonesian kid who is enrolled in the Adikku Sayang scholarship program.

Friday, 8th of June 2018, the students of ALC Jabodetabek were very joyful because it was their turn to join the fieldtrip. We have the heart to bless the Adikku Sayang students by bringing them to the best fieldtrip location, not only so they can learn new things, but also to refresh them after they pass one academic year.

109 Adikku Sayang students joined this particular fieldtrip. We visited Jakarta Aquarium, a well-known recreational destination that gives education. Home for 600 sea species. Here, the ALC students were thrilled to watch an attractive “Mermaid” show. They also learned not to contaminate the sea in order to keep the ecosystem of the sea.

After which, the students gathered to play together in an auditorium. Also, Mr. Daniel Hendrata was speaking to them, giving them motivation and encouragement, especially those who are continuing their study to the universities, so they will choose the right major according to their dream and skill. This academic year, by God’s favor, 47 students of the Adikku Sayang scholarship program graduated High School.

After that, we distributed school bags for them to welcome the new academic year. Not to forget snacks and dinner before they were heading back home. We give thanks to God because Anugrah Pressindo Foundation can share with those who are in needs.

Thanks for the consistent support of our donators and sponsors, we can carry out the Adikku Sayang scholarship program until now. We are currently in the making of a follow-up scholarship program, which we name MAS (Mahasiswa Adikku Sayang) for supporting the less privileged undergraduate students with outstanding achievement. This is our token of love for Indonesia. We are preparing the best human resources who will someday lead this nation.

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