Student Profile Yanatalia Harefa & Exsia Ulina Debora

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Adikku Sayang scholarship program has reached almost 500 children in 42 centers throughout the whole Indonesia. The people have felt the impact, especially the parents of these children, because their burdens have been enlightened by the existence of Adikku Sayang program. The children also became more motivated in their study, showing excellent achievements, and in reaching their dreams.

Yanatalia Harefa (9 years old, Grade 3) lives in Nias, in a simple little house far from the city. The distance between her house and Anugrah Learning Center (ALC) Dahana is approximately 1.2 km. Fortunately, Yanatalia’s school is next to ALC Dahana, so every day on her way to school she would stop by at ALC to get her nutrition. Three times a week, after school, Yanatalia would come back to the center to join the tuition.

When we first met Yanatalia, before accepting her application for Adikku Sayang scholarship program, we learned about the story of her life. Her father works as a farmer. Her mother left them since two years ago without any news. Yanatalia only has one older brother. Her brother at the age of 13 chose to quit from school and has been working in Palm Tree Plantation in Riau with low income, in order to help ease the burden of his father to be able to send his only sister to reach her dream to become a teacher. So touching!

Since her enrollment in Adikku Sayang program, Yanatalia has been showing a lot of progress. Her family also feels blessed by this program.

Meanwhile, from GKII Padang Center, Exsia Ulina Debora (15 years old, Grade 8) is the second born among four siblings. Exsia started joining Adikku Sayang program since the first time this program was executed in Padang four years ago. She graduated as the best student in her Elementary School. She stopped going to school for a year, because her parents required her to take care of her younger siblings while both of her parents worked. Her father works as construction worker, her mother sells food at a food stall. Fortunately, Exsia did not have to wait too long to further her study.

Exsia’s hobbies are singing and playing guitar, her dream is to become a doctor. Recently she showed achievements that we could be proud of. Besides being the second winner of solo-singing competition among the students of her school, SMP Negeri 35 Padang, and chosen to participate in Pre Olympic Science IV 2014 competition in Middle School level of Padang City, Exsia also became the best student in her class, with average mark 9.5/10.

For the achievements reached by all students of Adikku Sayang, we give glory to God who has given His grace through Anugrah Ministries changing the lives of Indonesian children. Thank you also to our Adikku Sayang sponsors. You have been the extension of God’s hands creating little miracles in the lives of these children.

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