Adikku Sayang Christmas Field Trip, ALC Kotamobagu. 27th December 2013

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On the 27th December 2013, we took the children of Adikku Sayang from ALC Kotamobagu for a Christmas field trip. We started with eating lunch together at GPI Tiberias church building. Lunch was prepared by Pastor Stenly Assa and some parents.

Seven students who have been receiving Adikku Sayang scholarship were present with their parents. We took them all for a field trip to Wisata Alam, hot spring Bakan, which is located one hour from Kotamobagu.

There, we were soaking ourselves in the hot spring, while playing. Then, we continued the program with heart-felt sharing in order to advance Adikku Sayang program in ALC Kotamobagu.

Not to forget, we distributed goodie bags and Christmas presents for the children. They were very happy to receive quality, new polo shirts. “Thank You, Sponsors!”

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