Adikku Sayang goes on Field Trip, ALC North Sumatra District, 23 June 2016

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Thursday, 23 June 2016, was an unforgettable day for 145 students of Anugrah Learning Center (ALC) North Sumatra District, which consists of 13 centers, namely Mandoge, Sei Kopas, Jawa Tongah, Cinta Raja, Panambean, Nagori Teladan, Parapat, Pangkalan Buntu, Saribu Jawa, Aek Bontar, Aras Satu, Aek Horsik, and Panipahan. Our field trip destination this time was Danau Toba, located in Tomok Village, Samosir Island. The students were enthusiastic, because almost all of them have never been to Danau Toba (a world-recognized lake) even though they live not far from there.

From their respective center, they left since morning to gather together at Parapat Terminal, near Parapat Center. One center had to travel for seven hours to reach this terminal. One other center had to sail the night before. They were all excited though to witness the beauty of Indonesia’s nature. At 11 am, our Adikku Sayang 2016 Field Trip group from ALC North Sumatra District left Parapat Terminal for Bebas Parapat Harbor, whereby a ferry was already waiting for us. We took group photo before we boarded on the ferry.

Our group boarded the ferry in an orderly manner, one by one according to the respective centers. It took 45 minutes to cross Lake Toba, the largest lake in Indonesia. In the middle of the lake lies an island, Samosir Island, which is also a volcano. The water of the lake was clear, a gradation of blue and turquoise. Samosir Island covers five regions. At 12 noon, our ferry docked. Before we continued with our schedule, we had lunch together, as one big family. After lunch the kids went back to their respective groups, and we entered Si Gale Gale Tourist Resort, whereby the kids learned traditional Batak dance, Manor Tor Dance. The kids followed the dance movement of Si Gale Gale, a mannequin controlled manually by an operator behind the stage, dancing to a Batak background music. 99% of the students of ALC North Sumatra District are from Batak ethnic; it was a privilege for them to learn about their own art and culture.

Our group was there for about three hours, having a fun field trip at Tomok area, Samosir Island. Then it was time for us to go back with the ferry. Arriving back at Ajibata Beach, the kids had a chance to swim. We took more photos together. Time went by, and it was 5 pm already. Time to say goodbye and to go home. Remembering some of them had to go through long journey back, once again our group had a meal together, to make sure the kids would not get too hungry on the way back. Thank you to the sponsors of Anugrah who have been supporting our Adikku Sayang scholarship program. You have enabled us to do our ministry persistently. God bless you!

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