Inauguration of ALC Burangkeng, 24 July 2014

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ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) Burangkeng is the 11th Adikku Sayang Center to be inaugurated on July 24th, 2014. Located about 1.5 hours outside of Jakarta, Eastward from the City of Bekasi, this place might just be the country’s number one mountainous landfill. A special center, which we call it, with one area being green and one area filled with meters of garbage piling up. However, that didn’t stop the excitement as we arrived.

About 14 children and their families waited for us eagerly at the GPDI Ecclesia Church of Burangkeng. Mainly consisted of farmers, garbage collectors, and drivers, the parents knew that this might just be the answer to their prayers. Not wanting their children to become like them, the parents knew that the decision they made that day to join Adikku Sayang scholarship program was an opportunity of a brighter future and the chance to break off the poverty cycle. The 14 families eagerly stepped into the Adikku Sayang program, as they are ready to embark unto a much promising future! Welcome, ALC Burangkeng!

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