CWC Charity Concert: Acceleration “The Untold Story”

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On Saturday, November 12, 2016, Anugrah Team received an invitation to Christian Worship Centre (CWC) Indonesia’s launching for the Acceleration, “The Untold Story” album. What’s interesting about this album launching is that they will donate all the funds raised at the concert and the cd sales to Anugrah Pressindo Foundation, to support the Adikku Sayang program. They even auctioned some of the students’ paintings from Adikku Sayang, and one of the paintings, entitled “Self Portrait” was sold for the price of Rp. 2,500,000.

On the night of the event, Ps. Debby Catharina was also given the opportunity to present Adikku Sayang’s goal and contribution to building the nation, specifically in the field of education. Ps. Wahyu Prastya, as the lead pastor CWC Indonesia, also motivated everyone attending that night, to take part in this movement.

CWC Indonesia made a commitment to take part in the Adikku Sayang program, by supporting 30-100 Adikku Sayang students, starting in the new school year of 2017-2018.

Even though they may still be people of youth, they have big hearts, and they gave their talent to be able to build the children of the Indonesia through the Adikku Sayang program. Have you played your part in the well being of your country? Come and join us in the Adikku Sayang program. 1000 children, yes we can!


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