Adikku Sayang Jabodetabek Goes on Field Trip To National Museum

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On a bright morning on December 22, 2016, we held the annual fieldtrip with Adikku Sayang students from all the centers in Jabodetabek. This time, we went to the National Museum, located in Central Jakarta. 87 students were joining this field trip, plus the teachers from the centers. Elvira Natali, one of the Ambassadors of Adikku Sayang program was also present that day.


That morning, at around 10:30am, the museum tour guide explained to us all the activities to be done on that day. We then started going around the museum at 11am, divided into three groups: Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers. The students were very enthusiastic, listening to all the explanations made by the tour guide, provided by the National Museum. Whilst taking notes, they received a lot of experience and new knowledge, because many of them never visited this museum.


In the National Museum (also called Elephant Museum), we can learn from the ancient relics of the early ages of the kingdoms in Indonesia. Most interestingly, we can see the uniqueness and diversity of culture in Indonesia. Starting with traditional musical instruments to beliefs from every tribe in Indonesia.


After going around for almost an hour and a half, we all met for lunch and celebrated Christmas together. The Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation, Ps. Daniel Hendrata, gave a few words and some motivation for the students to never give up in the midst of the challenges that they may face in life, because God never leaves us.


The Adikku Sayang ambassador, Elvira Natali also shared her testimony and sang a song in order to commemorate the Indonesian Mother’s Day. The students were very touched by this, remembering their mothers. Elvira, who was going to have her birthday a few days after that, distributed goodie bags (towel, lunch box, and water bottle) to them. After that, we watched the performances of the Adikku Sayang students from every center. Some were singing, and some dancing.


We also asked the Adikku Sayang students to make ‘Thank You’ cards, which we will deliver to every sponsor that has been supporting them all this time. Written on the cards are their prayers and wishes for their respective sponsors for the new year of 2017. The event continued with the distribution of Christmas gifts (from one Adikku Sayang sponsor), in the form of new shoes. It was a very touching moment, because it turned out that this gift was very meaningful to them. Some of them were coming that day with broken shoes, and they could not hide their joy as they received the new shoes.


Afterwards, Ps. Daniel Hendrata gave trophy to one Adikku Sayang student from the Tol Timur Center. Feby Natasya won the Most Dilligent category, in Adikku Sayang Award for 2015-2016 academic year. Feby has an interesting life story. Every day, after coming home from school, she would help her parents by selling fried fritters in order support the economy of her family. In the afternoon, after selling fried fritters, Feby would go to the Anugrah Learning Center to receive extra tuition. Feby also helps as an assistant teacher, teaching the younger kids at the Center.


We were very joyful to see the happiness of the Adikku Sayang students that day. Thanks to all the sponsors and partners of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation, because you have helped to make this fieldtrip possible. You have made them gain confidence to face the New Year and the new semester. Every of your giving means so much and will help to support their dreams. Together, we can help build this nation, and bless this generation!

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