Adikku Sayang Goes on a Field Trip, ALC Padang, 29 January 2017

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Field Trip is a moment that every single Adikku Sayang student longs for in any center located in Indonesia. The once-in-a-year event refreshes the students when they are starting to feel overwhelmed in following the study process during the school academic year. This Field Trip is facilitated by Anugrah Foundation to every child in Indonesia who is enrolled in the Adikku Sayang scholarship program.

Saturday, 29 January 2017 is the time when students from Anugrah Learning Center Padang got to enjoy the Field Trip. That morning, the students gathered since 6 am in their center. They were all very enthusiastic, and it was seen all over their faces. At exactly 7 am, when all the equipment ready, our group started the journey towards the Green Guru Hidroponik. Having been on the road for about 20 minutes, our field trip group that consisted of 25 people reached the location. One by one, the students entered the Green Guru Hidroponik and took seat accordingly.

First of all, our ALC Padang students received information from the tour guide about hydroponic plants. After that, we all went to see how to cultivate vegetables whose growth depends on water, and not land. Our students enthusiastically asked questions to the tour guide as they were curious to find out more informatin regarding hydroponic plants. The tour guide was skilled enough to answer every of their questions.

Timotius Waruwu, one of our students who sit in primary 5 asked, “Why is it called hydroponic?” The tour guide explained carefully and satisfied the curiosity of every student. Almost all of our students asked questions regarding hydroponic plants. Some were funny, some scientific questions.


A scientific question from Excia Ulina Bago, “Why hydroponic plants are not exposed to direct sunlight? Isn’t the solar energy very much needed for the photosynthesis of every plant?” The tour guide answered very well. It’s not that hydroponic plants don’t need solar energy, but they don’t require a hundred percent exposure due to their very soft texture. They wither very easily if exposed by direct sunlight constantly. That’s why they need nets to shelter them from the heat of the sun, but still allowing enough energy for the photosynthesis to take place.


Having learned the theory and gone through question and answer session, it was time for the Field Trip participants to do some hands-on: planting and taking care of hydroponic plants. Every of our student got a chance to pluck the leaves and eat the hydroponic vegetables directly, because it’s free from contamination and pesticide. It was good for them to be reminded about the importance of vegetables for health, fiber needs, and also for growth.


During the Field Trip, Anugrah Team from Jakarta made an announcement that one of them won The Most Intelligent award, for Adikku Sayang 2015-2016 Academic Year. They were all cheering when we mentioned her name: Excia Ulina Bago, a grade 10 student, from SMAN 6 Padang, who is in Science stream. The atmosphere was filled with cheer and laughter when the Field Coordinator of Anugrah Foundation, Mr. Alders Daniel Panebaren handed the trophy to Excia. It was not just Excia who felt proud of her achievement, but all the ALC Padang students. They have a motto that the achievement of one ALC Padang student is the achievement of them all. Amazing!


The morning went by, and it was time for the Field Trip participants to leave the area of Green Guru Hydroponik, to proceed for lunch. We took the students to eat in the only fast food restaurant in Padang. To be able to come to this restaurant and enjoy the food is a privilege and new experience for most of the ALC Padang students. How blessed our hearts feel when we can make the less fortunate children happy. After lunch, we did not go home directly. We took them to swim in the swimming pool of a hotel in Padang. The fatigue of studying was instantly gone on that day, as they were enjoying their blessing.


Time showed 4.30 pm. We had to end the Field Trip activities. The students went back to their center, where their parents awaited to pick them up. As Adikku Sayang Field Trip for ALC Padang 2017 came to an end, we gave thanks to God for continously using Anugrah Foundation to be able to share love with those who are in need. Thank you for consistently supporting us. It is your support that makes sure we can continue carrying out Adikku Sayang scholarship program until today. Let’s create a better future for our beloved country together.

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