Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2016, Anugrah Learning Center Tulang Bawang, Lampung, 12 July 2016

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Having completed the Academic Year 2015-2016, it’s time now for Anugrah Learning Center (ALC) Tulang Bawang, Lampung to conduct yearly Field Trip, for 10 Adikku Sayang Scholarship students. Together with the Center Leaders and Teachers, the total number of Field Trip participant was 15 people.

That morning, we departed from the center at 7 am. We were on our way to reach Way Kambas National Park, which was located at East Lampung. The journey took three and a half hour. We reached our destination at 10.30 am. Once we arrived, we started with eating lunch together. We packed lunch from home, because it is healthier than buying food from the food stalls. After lunch, we started walking around the Park.

This Park is a Conservatory Park for elephants from Sumatra Island. Without conservation, the Sumatra Elephant species were facing endangerment. Established in 1985, this Park serves as the first training center for elephants in Indonesia, which is now known as Elephant Conservation Center. More than 300 elephants have been trained here and distributed all across Indonesia.

The students of ALC looked so happy, studying about elephants: how they were bathed, their habitat, etc. Four of these students (Alan, Gabriel, Yulius, Damayanti) pulled their courage together to ride on the elephants. Laughter could be heard here and there as a sign of their joy. Out of the 10 students who joined this Field Trip, only one visited this Park before. Without doubt, these children really enjoyed their time there, and they learned many new experiences.

This park also conserves other endangered animal species, such as Sumatra Rhino, Sumatra Tiger, White-winged Wood Duck, and False Gharial (Crocodile). Not to mention there are many different flora species to learn about too. Time was flying; it was already 2.15 pm. We had to head back to Tulang Bawang. We made it back to our center at 4.25 pm.

Thanks to every sponsor who has been supporting the Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program, managed by Anugrah Ministries, so our less fortunate children who are keen to learn can have amazing opportunity. Now they are ready to enter the new Academic Year 2016-2017 with fervent spirit to make their dreams a reality: to become the next generation of leaders that Indonesia can be proud of.

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