Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2016, Nias District, 27 June 2016

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Having done their best in the academic year 2015-2016, it was time for the students of Adikku Sayang scholarship program in Nias District to go on their annual Field Trip, conducted by Anugrah Foundation. It was 9.30 am, 110 students from 11 Anugrah Learning Centers (ALC) in Nias District already gathered together at Merdeka Field, Gunungsitoli. Some centers actually needed to travel for four to five hours to reach our meeting point. At once, we departed for our Field Trip destination, Pusaka Nias Museum in Gunungsitoli.

When we arrived, the owner of the museum was already waiting for us, Pastor Johanes (a German gentleman), along with the Director and Staff of the museum, to give us a warm welcome. They were very friendly and glad to see our ALC students. Soon, they divided us into five groups; a tour leader guided each. Each group went into the museum in an orderly manner, following the instruction of the tour leader.

There are five rooms at Pusaka Nias Museum. Each room presents historical lessons. The ALC students were very enthusiastic to learn about the origin, art and culture of Nias. They were busy taking notes of the explanation given by the tour leader. Having spent two hours in the museum, it was time for us to have lunch. We gathered at an outdoor auditorium, facing the beach and its blue water. There, the center leaders were busy arranging seats and distributing lunch boxes. Everything went very well. Exactly at 12 pm, every Field Trip participant was enjoying his/her lunch.

After lunch, we were watching a show of traditional music of Nias. The tour leaders of Pusaka Nias Museum were playing different kinds of musical instruments. They were very skillful in playing the musical instruments, mesmerizing the Field Trip participants. We were all so happy. The children became more enthusiastic. They all feel very blessed coming to Nias District Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2016. We also took group photos for documentation.

After photo session, the ALC students got a chance to play on the beach, located near the museum. Those who did not want to swim stayed around the museum, and watched the museum’s pets. One of them was Mr. Crocodile. The museum also has some Nias originated plants, which were used as medicine in the past. Time flew, and it was already 5 pm. It was time for us to go home. With hearts full of joy, each of us went back to our respective center.

To our loyal sponsors, thanks for your contribution that enables us to consistently and continuously carry out the Adikku Sayang scholarship program, blessing the less fortunate Indonesian boys and girls. Motivating them to keep up their study, to be high achievers for a better future. God bless you!

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