The Opening of 5 New Anugrah Learning Centers, July-October 2013

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As the new academic year (2013-2014) started, Anugrah Ministries established five new Anugrah Learning Centers throughout the islands of Indonesia:

1. ALC Tulang Bawang-Lampung in Southern part of Sumatra with 9 students. Their parents are mostly transmigrates and working as low-waged laborers.

2. ALC Tanah Merah-Jakarta with 7 students. Their parents mostly are working as security guards and public transportation Metro Mini and Angkot drivers.

3. ALC Sangkrah-Solo in Central Java with 7 students. Their parents work as scavengers and rickshaw drivers.

4. ALC Kotamobagu in North Sulawesi with 12 students. Their parents are mostly working as construction workers.

5. ALC Aras Satu in North Sumatra with 9 students. Their parents’ occupations are mostly as farmers and labourers.

With the addition of these five new ALCs, we now enter the new academic year of 2013-2014 with a total of 140 students in 10 ALCs. Praise the Lord!

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