Creating Bright Future for Adikku Sayang Students with UNAKI

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Anugrah Pressindo Foundation has been running the scholarship program, Adikku Sayang for the past six years. To develop it further, Anugrah Pressindo Foundation has now collaborated with UNAKI (University of Computer Academy Indonesia) in Semarang, so in the future, the children of Adikku Sayang that graduate High School will have the chance to further continue their education in UNAKI. The signing of MOU was done on October 13, 2016 in Jakarta between Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation) and Mr. Handoko Soerjanto (Founder of UNAKI)



UNAKI is a university in Semarang that focuses on producing human resources with good character. Mr. Handoko Soerjanto, in his interview with the Anugrah team, believes that one can change one’s life if he/she has:

  1. Fear of God.
  2. Education (formal and non formal).
  3. Good character.

This is why positive values are being instilled in every student at UNAKI, for the sake of producing human resources that are not only advanced, but also with good character, trustworthy and responsible.



This is in alignment with the mentoring system that we have been applying to the Adikku Sayang children. In the future, we believe that the lives of the Adikku Sayang children can be changed for the better.

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