Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2015 in Nias, 8th July 2015

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After conducting Field Trip with Adikku Sayang students in North Sumatra, Anugrah Ministries team stayed two night in Sibolga City, waiting for the ferry schedule to go to Nias island. On 6th July 2015, we continued our journey for approximately ten hours by sea to go to Nias. We arrived at Gunungsitoli Harbour, Nias at 8 am on the next day.


Tuesday, 7th July 2015

Upon arrival at Gunungsitoli Harbour, Anugrah Ministries team went directly off the vessel, KM. Wira Glory. We were welcomed by ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) Leaders and Nias District Leader, who were helping us to transport our cargo for the Field Trip, such as school bags for 110 students who are the recepients of Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program. That day, we prepared thoroughly for the Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2015 in Nias District that would take place on the next day.


Wednesday, 8th July 2015

Exactly at 8 am, 15 cars and 12 motorcycles from 11 ALCs were doing a convoy to go to the Inner Gulf area, whereby the Field Trip was going to take place. The exact location is at Wisata Adat “Bawomataluo” Village. The number of participants for Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2015 in Nias was 110 students (from 11 centers), plus 3 adults (ALC Leader & Teachers) from every center.

Joy and happiness was clearly shown on the faces of the Field Trip participants. Praise songs were sung joyfully in every car. It took us three hours to reach our destination. Since most of our participants have never traveled far by car before, many of them got car sick and vomitted. However, as soon as we arrived at the Field Trip location (and since this was their first Field Trip ever), they all became refreshed again.

Upon arrival at Wisata Adat “Bawomataluo” Village, Anugrah Ministries Team together with ALC Nias District Leader, and local committee met with the Village Chief. He warmly welcomed us and was supportive about the Field Trip. At 11 am, we started the Field Trip by having a Thanksgiving Service first. Then we continued with having lunch together. After lunch, we listened to the explanation about Wisata Adat “Bawomataluo” Village, given by the local tour guide, while waiting for the War Tribal Dance and Stone Jump to take place. In the midst of the explanation, about 13 students from Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program were asking questions. They were not shy to ask questions. All their questions had substance, and the local tour guide answered their curiosity well.

At 2 pm, the War Tribal Dance and Stone Jump started. Every of the participants was shouting in joy, since they have long waited to witness this. They watched the performances intently, and mixed themselves with the local people and guests from the government offices. The performance started by welcoming all the guests customarily, then continued with War Tribal Dance, and ended with Stone Jump Parade by 11 jumpers who were skillfully trained. Our students learned many positive things that day.

After the performance, we continued our Field Trip at another location, Baloho Beach. When we arrived at Baloho Beach, the students from every center participated in Adikku Sayang Cheer Competition. Funny and fun! None of the students looked tired and weary, remembering some of them had to wake up at 3 am and left their homes at 4 am because they live far away from the location of the Field Trip.

After that, Anugrah Ministries Team distributed new school bags to the students of Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program. They were all cheering in joy, but remained orderly. Besides that, each student also received Manga comic book, a gift presented by our sponsor. They were so happy, and spread around Baloho Beach. Some alone, some in groups, and they started reading. Cheerfulness and happiness were shown on their faces.

Right at 6 pm, we gathered them back to get ready to go home. Before making our trip back, we had dinner and prayed together. After that, we made a convoy again and departed from Baliho Beach. Praise the Lord, the Field Trip went on very well. God’s name be glorified. Thanks to our sponsors who have supported us in conducting this Field Trip. God bless!

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