Field Trip Adikku Sayang on Borobudur Temple, 29th August 2015

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What a cold morning, and still dark because it was only 4 am. Anugrah Ministries Team has arrived in Solo a day before, to prepare for Adikku Sayang Field Trip 2015 for Central Java district, consisting of two centers: ALC Sangkrah, and ALC Sumpiuh. We were heading for Borobudur, which is located in Magelang, Central Java. The two centers would meet at the location at 8 am.

At 5 am, Anugrah Ministries Team started the journey with a rented car, to first pick up ALC Sangkrah participants: 5 children and 3 adults (Center leaders and teacher). At 6 am, together we were heading to Borobudur. The estimated duration of the journey was two hours. From another route (Banyumas area), the participants from ALC Sumpiuh: 8 children and 2 adults (Center leader and teacher) were also on their way to Borobudur. They left Sumpiuh at 4 am.

Throughout the journey, some children from ALC Sangkrah were jovial enjoying it, but some others got carsick. One was vomiting, because she never traveled far with air-conditioned car before. The rest of us had to understand her condition by not turning on the air conditioning until we reached our destination. Meanwhile, children from ALC Sumpiuh did not have any problem travelling far distance, though none of them had ever visited Borobudur before.

ALC Sumpiuh group arrived first at our destination at 8 am, while ALC Sangkrah group arrived one hour later. We rested for a while, to kick out the fatigue caused by the far journey. Then we all entered the perimeter of Borobudur. Borobudur is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a historical heritage that we, Indonesians are proud of. We were all so happy to be able to see Borobudur. Led by a local tour guide, we were walking towards Borobudur. All Field Trip participants listened attentively to the explanation given by the local tour guide regarding Borobudur: history behind the building, duration of the building process, during whose dynasty it was built, the name of the person who discovered it for the first time, etc. The children were learning many interesting facts about the history of Indonesia through this Field Trip.

Before we started hiking the steps of Borobudur, our tour guide gave us a chance to take pictures, personally and in groups. Having had fun taking pictures, we were on track to hike to the top of Borobudur. Borobudur consists of three layers of elevation. We stopped at every layer, and listened to the history and philosophy behind it.

We spent three hours walking in Borobudur, and then it was time for us to depart through East Gate. In front of the gate, souvenir vendors were already waiting for us. Our Field Trip participants bought a few in their capacity, at least for memory keeping sake that they have stepped their foot in this well-known-by-the-world historical place. Having bought some souvenirs, we had to go out to the general parking lot through Historical Museum. There, we saw some relic stones, original from the Majapahit Dynasty era, thousands of years ago. Our Adikku Sayang children could still gather some knowledge from the Museum. Finally, we reached the exit. Time was showing 12.30 pm. Time for lunch. We had lunch our lunch in a nearby fast food restaurant. We all, especially the children, were so happy to eat our lunch, because we were all hungry.

After lunch, Anugrah Ministries Team went ahead to do school bag distribution (as a present for every Adikku Sayang student for successfully entering the New Academic Year). Then we continued with a short motivational talk. At 2.30 pm, all participants departed from Borobudur and headed for home. It was a memorable trip for everyone! Our heart-felt thanks to Adikku Sayang sponsors for every support that you all have given. God bless you all!

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