Adikku Sayang Field Trip Anugrah Learning Center Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi, 5 April 2016

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Anugrah Ministries was back to conduct Field Trip for the children of Adikku Sayang Scholarship program. It was the turn of Anugrah Learning Center (ALC) in Kotamobagu. One day before the set date, Anugrah team already left Jakarta for Manado, and then to Kotamobagu.

5 April 2016: It was dawn, most of Kotamobagu residents were still asleep, Anugrah team already made preparation for the field trip. Soon after, some ALC children started coming. Enthusiastically they came to join the field trip, whereby they can learn while having fun. When all 10 students already gathered, exactly at 6.30 am, our group started to make a move from the location of the center to the museum (Museum Negeri Provinsi Sulawesi Utara) in Manado. The journey took for hours.

It was 11 am when we arrived at the location. ALC Kotamobagu students were wearing their uniform. Though we just had a long journey on the road, the students were still enthusiastic. We were welcomed and led by the Museum tour guide. In this museum, ALC Kotamobagu students would get to see miniatures, replicas, and original items as proof of human civilization from pre historic to modern time.

At the first part, our group learned information about Population Statistic of North Sulawesi, the number of Regions/Cities, specific works that the people in each Region/City are doing, including the area where these children are from: Kotamobagu. They also learned about special flora and fauna from these regions, traditional clothes and dances, etc. It was really pleasant for the ALC students to learn about that.

At the second part, we started looking at the miniatures that the museum has, such as Bunaken Minature, which is a famous tourist destination in North Sulawesi. We also saw a Replica of Megalitikum era; at that time the people did not wear clothes yet, and Cave Miniature, where the pre historic people who started to be civilized lived. The museum also has Replica of Minahasan’ Tomb from the fourth century, which is called Waruga. ALC students learned a lot of things from this museum. It’s amazing!

We spent 45 minutes at the museum, receiving educative information, and then it was time for us to leave the museum, and proceeded to the location whereby we would be having lunch, because the children started to be tired and hungry. It was really a blessing to be able to bring them to enjoy lunch. After lunch, our group departed from Manado, to head back to Kotamobagu. And that was the end of Field Trip 2016 for ALC Kotamobagu; we will see them again in Field Trip 2017 with a different setting.

Thank you for the loyal support of our Adikku Sayang sponsors that enabled us to do our ministry consistently, year after year. Praise the Lord!

Keep shining with your achievements, ALC Kotamobagu!!!

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