Yehezkiel Endrike Bago

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Gender : Male

Age : 13

Birthday : December 1, 2000

Grade : 5

Parents Name : Mr. Firman Bago

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SD 34 Padang

Dream Goal : Indonesian national army


I wake up at 06.00AM, then I pray and go to church for breakfast of eggs and milk. Before breakfast, we usually pray and intercede for Anugrah Ministries, the donors, and Anugrah Ministries Program. After breakfast, I go to school, follow the lessons, and play with friends at school. My parents pick me up after school and then we go home together.

At home, I usually have my meals first, then I do my homework and then I attend the tutoring program, which is conducted on every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We study for 2 hours, where we learn Math, Science, and Social Studies. Then, I go home, take shower, study again, and then I take a rest.

I aspire to be in the Army, because I want to climb in a big tank and feel happy to wear striped shirts. The thing that I need to do to achieve my goal is to study diligently, because I feel that I have to reach that achievement to make my parents proud.


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