Yavet Trisman Daeli

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Gender : Male

Age : 9

Birthday : November 7, 2004

Grade : 8

Parents Name : Mr. Zenu Daeli

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Self Employed

School : SD Kalam Kudus

Dream Goal : Indonesian Navy Army


I wake up at 05.00AM and then I pray and take shower. After that I have my breakfast and go to church for the morning breakfast of eggs and milk. Then we read the book of Proverbs and intercedes for Anugrah Ministries and the donors. After breakfast, I go straight to school. At school, I study and play with my friends at recess, and then I go home. When I get home, I do my schoolwork’s and attend the tutoring program (Bimbel) through the Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The tutoring program is about 2 hours. We study and learn Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. After I come home from the tutoring program, I take shower, then I watch TV and eat. After meals, I study for a little bit and take a rest.

I have the aspiration to be in the Air Force, because I am happy and I want to ride a helicopter and a jet fighter too. The important things I need to do to achieve my goal are to study hard and study diligently. I will become an excelling student and make my parents and family proud.


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