Yohana Priskila Zendate

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Gender : Female

Age : 8

Birthday : March 21, 2005

Grade : 3

Parents Name : Anuari Zendrato & Santimani Zebua

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SD Kalam Kudus

Dream Goal : Teacher


I woke up at 05.00 am and then I pray and take shower. After shower I go to church to have my breakfast of milk and eggs. Before breakfast we usually read the book of Proverbs and pray for Anugrah Ministries and the donors. After breakfast I go to school.

At school I study and play with my friends and then I go home after that. I usually do my school homework, after that I rest and attend the tutoring program through Adikku Sayang Scholarship programs conducted on every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. We studied for 2 hours, where we study Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Once I am finished, I go home and take shower and watch TV. Then I have my family dinner, study again, and rest for the day.


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