Maria Jernihita Waruwu

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Gender : Female

Age : 6

Birthday : October 13, 2007

Grade : 1

Parents Name : Bezi Sokhi Waruwu

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Self employed

School : Agnes Teresia

Dream Goal : Doctor


I wake up at 05:30 AM, then I quickly take the time to pray and take shower. After that I have my morning nutrition of eggs and milk at the Anugrah Learning Centre right at home. My friends and I love to get milk and eggs every day. During breakfast, we are taught to pray by our supervisor, none other than my own mother for Anugrah Ministries and the donors.

We also pray for activities such as the tutoring program.

Having finished our breakfast, my friends go to school together, then I do my school homework and study. After that I played with my friend and take a nap. At 11:00 am I go to school with my parents. School starts at 11:30 am, where I

follow the lessons given by the teacher. I come home from school at 4:30 pm, then I eat and shower, after that I take

a rest before attending the tutoring lesson at 6:00PM.


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