When Problems Come

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Scriptures: Psalms 130:1-8

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope
Psalms 130:5

Problems come without invitation, and sometimes they can just come so suddenly into our lives. Whoever we are, we must have had some problems. However, the most important thing in facing a problem is how we react to it. Our attitude can affect the existing problem. If we react negatively, it will become worse. For this reason, give the right attitude or response, which is not to be afraid or panic.

The Bible tells us that when the boat of the disciples of Jesus was hit by strong wind, they immediately became afraid, thus unable to see the Lord who walked on the water. Likewise, in our lives, when we face a certain problem, such as family finance, let’s not panic! We must have faith that God can help and give us the best way out. On top of that, panic shakes our faith, or causes us to become doubtful toward God. This can block us from seeing God’s miracles.

Therefore, be still! In quietness is our strength (Isaiah 30:15). In quietness, we can pray to God… After that, give thanks to God, don’t complain! Remember that in every situation, God is still good. In everything, God always works to bring good (Romans 8:28). Learn to give thanks, not only in good times. Even when we face problems, we must learn to give thanks, though it is not easy to do so.

The next thing is, we must keep believing and waiting for God’s help. Indeed, waiting is a boring thing to do, but we must have faith that waiting for the Lord is never in vain. In His time, He will definitely help us. Be rest-assured that if in the past God had helped and revealed His power to us, presently God will help us too. God never disappoints those who hope in Him. He will fulfill His every promise. Life is never problem-free, but God never forsakes us. He is the strength of our lives. (J/DC)


Don’t give up easily! Together with God, we will be able to go through it all and God will give us the victory.


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