Relying On God Alone

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Reading Verse: Exodus 34:1-35

Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord!

Jeremiah 17:7


When Israelites went through a desert, their life was completely relied on God. The desert was an exteremely dry and barren region, and God was with them through the pillar of cloud during the day, and the pillar of fire during the night; He even provided food for them.

Similarly in this life, there are many turns that we have to go through. Sometimes God gives a test for us to be completely relied on Him, so that we don’t depend on our own ability. So when we are in troubles, don’t doubt because God is the only reliable resource in life. He pays attention to those who always hope and lean on Him. Therefore, during hard times whether it’s financial, job, or family, we should always keep relying on God. Keep in mind that people can disappoint us, but God will never disappoint us.

We need to let God fully take control of our life because He is the Almighty God, He’s got power over everything. Jesus is able to do miracles for us, so let our life depend on Him alone. We need to rely on God because everything that we have is only temporary, whether it’s wealth or job position will be gone. But when we put our hope in God, He will never be changed by anything. So we can rely on Jesus forever.

The life that depends on God means that we truly surrender to Him and not walk by our own strength. We also always involve God in everything that we do.

Nothing is more beautiful when we only hope in God. When we surrender, He will make us strong. So, from this moment on don’t put our hope in men, we shall only completely hope in God because with Him we will have victorious life. Amen.


Hoping in God will bring victorious life. 

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