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Reading Verse: Judges 6:1-40

And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times.

Psalm 12:6

There are many promises of God that are recorded in the Scriptures, and these promises can guide us through the journey of life as God’s promise is powerful. It is written that the words and promises of the Lord are pure words; they never perish and are truly refined. But sometimes our circumstances make us doubt His promise. When we start to doubt, we have to get back up and strengthen our faith that God never lies in His promises. He is God who always fulfill His promises. It is written in the book of 2 Peter that God never fails in keeping His promises. As human beings, we always desire everything instantly, but God has special timing for each of us. If we haven’t seen the fulfillment of His promise today, be patient and bear in mind that God always fulfill His promises. He wants us to persevere and learn to believe. We need to trust His promises because God makes everything beautiful in His time. He is never late or in a rush in all things.

When we experience hardship, we have to learn to trust God’s promise. Hold on to His promise that He will never test us more than we can handle. He will help us. Have the faith that He will open a way out for our every problem. Nothing can change the promises of God.

When we are hoping in His promise, our faith will always be strengthened. We will never fear, because His promise is the assurance and conviction for us. Let each of us may always live in God’s promises. As we start to doubt, let us strengthen our faith and get back to hope and be patient in waiting for His promise. When we believe, we will not be disappointed. We will have the fulfillment of His promise. When people disappoint us for their failed promises, remember that God never fails His promise because He is faithful. His promise is the only one we can rely on. Amen.

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