Persevering In Life

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Reading Verse: Leviticus 13:1-59

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

Hebrews 10:36

Not everything in life can be achieved instantly. Sometimes we need perseverance in getting what we want. There are many things in life that requires us to stay patient and keep persevering. When we face a problem, we also have to persevere in faith and hope while believing and persevering in waiting for God’s help. He will help us in His perfect timing, so don’t be afraid to rely on and persevere in Jesus.

When Job experienced great trials and troubles, he kept persevering in God and in the end his life was restored and blessed. Regardless of what happens, stay in God until we get His help. Furthermore, we need to persevere in prayers. While praying, many people want to get the answers right away, but God has the best timing to answer our prayers. He wants us to have perseverance and patience in our prayers. Even we haven’t got the answer, persevere and keep praying because until this day God always listens to the prayers of His people. No matter how long our prayers are, God will give the answers on time.

Perseverance is also required if we want to reach a destination or a dream. Success can be attained quickly because it requires diligence, consistency, and perseverance. It is like an athlete needs to practice regularly in order to achieve victory. Sometimes we fail, but we shouldn’ wallow in it. We should get back up again because a failure is a stepping-stone to reach success.

Don’t give up easily as God created us to win and not to lose. Continue doing our parts, and let God do the rest. Persevering is like a sower who will reap the harvest in its time. Never forget to always rely on Jesus in everything we do because He is the only who can enable us to achieve all things. God will guide us to the truth.

Let us persevere in all things, be patient as everything will be beautiful in its time. Amen. 

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