Attitudes in Life

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Reading Verse: Deuteronomy 10:1-22

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

Life is not only determined by what we have, because the most important thing of all is to have good attitudes. Good attitudes will determine success. As God’s people, we should have good and positive attitudes so that our lives can be blessings to others. One of the attitudes that we should have is to help sincerely those who are in need. When we have the habit to help, our lives will reflect the love of Christ, and we can be an example to others. It is written in Galatians 6:9 that we should not grow weary in doing good. Therefore, we should not be selfish; we should help each other with whatever we can.

The other attitudes that we need to have are a grateful heart, not easily complaining, and rejoicing always. In the Word of God, it is written that the Israelites always have something to complain to God. Basically, God does not want us to be complaining all the time. On the other hand, we should have the thankful attitude even though what we expect has not come true. We should not complain, but learn to be thankful. Being grateful is the attitude pleasing to God. Rejoice always because the Word says that we should rejoice in all situations. It is not easy to be joyful in hardship, but this is a commandment from God. It is pleasing for Him to see us having thankful and joyful attitudes. Furthermore, be optimistic and never give up in every challenge and trial in life. Keep walking forward, because success can be reached when we are willing to try and keep trying despite of failures that we may have experienced in the past. When we give up, it means we have lost a chance to reach victory.

We are not perfect, but let us learn to have the right attitudes based on the truth of the Word.

From this moment on, let us have good attitudes, which are pleasing to the Lord in order to get all the best. 

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