God is Watching His People

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Reading Verse: Deuteronomy 19:1-21

The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
Keeping watch on the evil and the good.

Proverbs 15:3

In the era of modern technology like today, there are many advanced technology systems used for surveillance, such as cctv cameras in a store to monitor the customers. The technology was introduced to make monitoring easier, but it has limitations since it was made by humans. Unlike God, His eyes wonder all around the world. He always watches His people wherever they are. So, nothing is hidden before God, and nothing passes His sight. Everything is revealed and seen by God. Although invisible, God keeps His eyes on us. He never sleeps in watching our every move. All things done by human are under God’s surveillance. Therefore, we should guard this life since knows everything we do, whether it’s good or bad. All is visible for God. In the Word of God there is a story about Cain killed Abel; no one knew about this but God. It means no sin is hidden before God. Even if it is done in secret, God knows it. Humans are liable to take responsibility of their actions before God.

In this life, we should not be afraid of danger because God always protects us. He will put us away from any danger because God never fails in watching us. God will always be by our side to guide and protect us. His eyes are on His people, who live righteously and place hope on Him all the time. His eyes are on those who live in humility. Therefore, never fear because He is the All-knowing God. When we are in troubles, don’t give up because God knows our struggles. He knows what is in our heart, and He always care. He never let us face the struggles alone. God knows all things and He cares.

God’s watching on His people has never ended. Let us live this life having the fear of the Lord. In the end, we have to take responsibility of everything we do before the Lord. Therefore, let us always guard our lives, because God keeps His eyes on us wherever we are.

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