Rejoice Always

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Reading verse: Exodus 15: 1 – 27

1 Thessalonians 5: 16

One of God’s instructions for us is to rejoice always. For this is in His word, we have to be able to rejoice always at all circumstances. One who rejoices always can be identified from his or her face. There are no frowns in his or her face, he or she always shows joy. Though we are in the midst of problems, we should at least rejoice at all times.

One of the reasons why we have to rejoice always is that because Jesus is good. He always prepares the best for us now and for our future. In Him lies our joy and peace forever more. What we can do to be able to rejoice is to praise God. When we praise God, His peace and joy comes down on us, we must stay close to God at all times for He is the source of our joy.

There are some things in life that can bring about joy. The first is the joy of giving. The word of God says that blessed are those who give that those who receive. Thus, when we can share and give especially to those who are in need, we are experiencing joy already. Giving isn’t always confined to material things. We can also give others our attention or support. Also, rejoice in hope. The moment we are in problems, what we need to do is to hope, for our hope lies in Jesus and He will give us joy. Hope in Him is never disappointing. God never breaks His promises to those who hope on Him. If today our hopes and dreams are not yet coming true, do not be disappointed, for God will fulfill His promises in His time. Keep on rejoicing and trusting in Jesus only.

The next is the joy in serving the Lord. If in this life, we receive the chance to serve the Lord, it is truly a pride in itself. For we are serving Jesus, the King of all kings. Thus, we should continue serving Him for it would never be in vain.

No matter the condition of our lives today, stay joyful and trust in Jesus, surrender our lives only unto Him for He is the one taking care of us. Remember that in rejoicing in Him lies our strength. Amen.

No matter our condition today, continue rejoicing in the Lord. 

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