Don’t be Stuck on the Closed Door

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Reading Verse: Exodus 22:1-31

 I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.

John 10:9

In living this life sometimes we find “a closed door” whether at work, in business, or in personal life. There seems to be no hope and a way out. However, don’t despair because God never closes a door without opening another one. Behind our experiences, there is a beautiful plan from God. We’ve got to believe that God never closes one opportunity without opening a new one. We have to keep going forward to find a good opportunity for us because in time we will find victory.

One thing to meditate is that when we experience a bad situation, never stuck in the situation. But we have to raise and focus on the bigger opportunity that God has prepared for us. Never weep over a situation since it can’t change the situation. Remember that God created us as the head and not the tail, so He will never let us down. God’s plans for our lives are the best (Jeremiah 29:11). So, we must keep our faith that everything will bring goodness to us.

In addition, we should have a positive mind whenever we encounter a dead-end. God wants us to leave our comfort zone and bring us to a better life. He oftentimes close a door to give an opportunity for a better thing to enter our lives. This way will train and shape our characters.

Sometimes we are stuck on a closed door too long that hinder us to see another open door. We have to change our perspective in order to be able to see a new thing that God has prepared for us. One door must be closed before another door is opened. Believe that God always gives a chance and a way out, so we don’t remain in bad situations forever.

No matter what our situations are right now, just surrender all to God. We have to be patient because God makes everything beautiful in its time. Keep walking with God and we will experience victory. Amen.

One thing to meditate is that when we experience a bad situation,

never stuck in the situation, on the other hand we have to raise.

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