Bad Thing is Turned into Something Good

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Reading Verse: Joshua 13:1-33

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:20

Sometimes we experience a bad thing in life, which is something that we didn’t expect to happen. When the bad thing comes into our lives, perhaps we ask God why it should happen to us. However, if we live in the truth, we will not be afraid even though we experience a bad thing because God is always with us. If God is on our side, nothing can go against us. God is the one who is able to help and give the best way out. He is able to turn a bad thing into something good; nothing is impossible to Him. When you experience something bad, do not complain and worry, as behind every bad thing there is a beautiful plan from God for us. There is no coincidence in this world as everything is in God’s plan. God always works to bring goodness for those who love Him. Continue giving thanks, stay strong and endure until God reveals His plan. We must believe that all things that happen will not go beyond our strength.

Do not become bitter if we are going through problems or trials. No problems will bring us into despair since God will always help us. Our part is only to believe in God, because God is the good Father, who never gives bad things to His children. He always gives the best for us. We must stay focus on God. It is a process to our faith if we experience a bad thing because God will bring us to the upper level of spiritual faith. God desires to see us becoming mature Christians. Never go out from the process so that we could see the revelation of God’s plan. We must continue believing in His plan if something bad happens to us. We must keep praying to God so that we are enabled to go through every process. With the power of prayer, we will be able to go through all things.

Remain grateful and joyful. Even though we are facing something we didn’t expect today, do not give up. Believe that God will be our defender and will turn all bad things into good things. He will reveal all things beautifully in its time. God is the one who gives us victory. Amen.

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