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Reading Verse: Judges 8:1-35 

Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.

Revelation 2:10


One thing we needed the most in a relationship is faithfulness, especially in a marriage relationship between husband and wife. And this also applies to our relationship with God. Each of us must be able to be faithful to God, and not only for a moment. Our faithfulness should not be based on what we do at the beginning, but until the end. We must take care of our lives before God, as long as we live. Not only in good times, but also in bad times we must be faithful to Him. Remember that God has already revealed His faithfulness upon us.

As human beings, we are often tempted that while we are being faithful to God, we could turn toward worldly pleasures. We should be able to maintain our faithfulness to God. When we begin something in the Spirit, we should not end it in the flesh. This will eventually destroy us. God values our faithfulness that we hold until the end of our lives. Thus, in any circumstances, let us continue being faithful to God. It is God’s desire for us to be faithful till the end. Jesus is the perfect role model of faithfulness. He was faithful to His Father’s will, and He even sacrificed Himself to redeem our sins. If Jesus is faithful, shouldn’t we be faithful?

We also have to be faithful in the ministry God has trusted us with. No matter how small it is, we must learn to be faithful. When a challenge comes, people will usually give up. But, we all must learn that even though there is a challenge or a problem, we should never give up. We must focus on Jesus, because when we are faithful we will see the revelation of His glory. Furthermore, we also must be faithful to our family, because a family will be broken without faithfulness. No matter what we do today, do it with faithfulness to God. Being faithful in small things and God will entrust you with big things.

Always ask for strength from God so that we may become faithful. The Word of God says that He will give the victor’s crown to those who are faithful until the end. Amen.

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