Lesson from Enoch

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Reading Verse: Genesis 5: 1 – 32

“And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.”

Genesis 5: 24

In the reading verse, it was said that Enoch lived with God. For 300 years Enoch lived building a relationship with God, and it really pleased God that He lifted Enoch up without him experiencing death. Enoch was a man of faith; the focus of his life was to please God.

 The same goes for us; God gives 24 hours a day equally to all of us. This means that in the midst of our busy lives everyday, we should allocate a special time to build an intimate relationship with God. Do not waste the time that God has given us. Matthew 6:33 says that if we seek God first, He will bless us. This teaches us to prioritize God above all else.

 Having an intimate relationship with God is not difficult if we have the longing, desire and commitment for Him. When we long for God, God knows our hearts and He will enable us. Building an intimate relationship with God involves allocating a special time for Him and getting closer to Him. Intimacy with God will never return to us void, for it is where God’s presence controls us. We are also made to know Him more and our spirit matures.

 Knowing God personally is nobler than any sacrifice we can offer up to Him or anything else we can do for Him. Living in this world, we need to learn to think about eternal things, not just physical things. Hence, never waste our lives on useless things. Instead, pay attention to spiritual matters.

 Enoch was also a faithful follower of God. For 300 years he walked with God and built an intimate relationship with Him. Enoch did not turn away from God. In this life, we need to stay faithful to God. Through all the things that happen, we need to stay faithful to Him for He first showed His faithfulness to us. Let us build an intimate relationship with God so our lives may please Him more.

Let our Christianity grow to be more mature. Amen. 

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