Guarding Heart

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Reading Verse: Exodus 40:1-38

Guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it

Proverbs 4:23

The heart is the center of our feelings, because through it we can feel joy, sorrow, disappointement, doubt, and even pain. In our daily life, sometimes we hear people say hurtful things to us, and this may break our heart. And when it happens, if we don’t deal with it right away, it will cause bitterness in our heart. Therefore, it is very important to guard your heart, especially from negative words that enter your heart in order for it to be overcome only by God’s love.

To guard our heart, at least we must forgive the people who say bad things to us, and not remember the bad words. Whatever people say, never keep it in the heart because our life is in only determined by Jesus’s words.

Another way to guard our heart is by having grateful heart. Giving gratitude to God makes our heart safe. Keep in mind that God will always give the best, so we must always be grateful. In addition, by praising God our heart will be filled by His love and it will also make our heart guarded. When we start to feel anxious, let’s praise the Lord.

The Word of God is one way to strengthen our heart from anxiety. In the Word, there are God’s promises, which can strengthen our faith. So, it is necessary to meditate on His word for our heart to remain strong and firm in God. Only by God’s love can the heart be healed, so ask Him to renew His love all the time.

It is God’s desire that our heart is clean and pure before Him. So, never let negative things fill our heart. Never let sin empower our heart. Get rid of hate and vengeance; fill the heart with God’s love instead. When we can guard our heart, then our life will be filled with peace and joy. Let God guard our heart every day so that our heart is pure and filled with His joy.

Guard your heart by being thankful all the time

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