Receiving Promotion from God

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Reading Verse: Genesis 41: 1 – 57

“Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him.”

Psalms 105: 19

Everyone wants a promotion. To receive bonuses, salary increase, position promotion and an opportunity of business expansion is everyone’s dream. Nevertheless, promotion does not come all of a sudden. Diligence, loyalty and endurance is needed in doing our tasks well, till the time comes when God promotes us to the next level.

Like the story of Joseph that we read in the reading verse today, eventually Joseph received the promotion that he had been longing for a long time. God promoted him to be the second most powerful man in Egypt. He was only one position under Pharaoh. This is indeed a beautiful thing that happened to Joseph, for he eventually reached the destination in his life – to rule in a kingdom.

However, the journey that took him to that kingdom was a long one. For 13 years, Joseph experienced a tough life. From the apple of his father’s eyes, his siblings sold him as a slave. To make the matter worse, he was accused of something he did not do at Potiphar’s house, because Potiphar’s wife liked him. This ended Joseph up in jail.

In jail, he could be bitter and disappointed. He could be mad at God and his siblings for selling him, or at Potiphar’s wife, for causing his life to be miserable at that time. However, we see here that God was molding his character through the process that he was experiencing. Even in jail, God did not forsake him. God even had such a beautiful plan to bring Joseph out of jail and to promote him.

Before promotion comes, our characters are truly tested by God. Are we ready? Are our characters good enough? When the promotion eventually comes to us, would we become boastful and forget God, or do we humble ourselves down and bring all the glory for God only? Hence, let us not focus on the promotion or when it would come, but on our characters.

When our characters are ready, God will promote us. (DC/DS)


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