Living In Christ

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Reading Verse: Leviticus 6:1-30

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

John 15:7


We have chosen to become God’s people, thus we should not only believe but also should be able to remain and live in Chirst. In other words, our life is built, grow and fruitful in Him. We also must have a strong relationship with Him. When we are close to God, then we will be able to have Christ’ characters within us so our life can give impact and rooted in Him in order for us to become strong and not easily shaken. Why should we remain in Christ? It is written in John 15:7 that out of Him we will never be able to do anything. God is our only hope, it’s Him alone who can make our life successful and receive many blessings. Therefore, we need to remain in God, have a good relationship with Him all the time.

When we hope in His promise, then God will fulfill it on time. Jesus is also our hope in the future, because He will provide the best future for us. Never be afraid of tomorrow. If we remain in Christ, then He will guarantee the future.

In addition, if our lives are in Christ then we fully live in His commands and obey His words. Let us do the Word of God, and not only be the listener because basically God’s orders are not hard. When we remain in Jesus, He will fulfill of all our needs. Don’t worry about what we need; just believe that we will never lack anything. We will always have enough and will live in abundance. And when we are close to Him, nothing will separate us from His love. He will always be with us. Get close and remain in Jesus. Let’s from this day we remain in Him until we are rooted in Christ so that in the end we will be fruitful and will be able to know Him personally.

Be close and remain in Jesus

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