His Power is Limitless

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Reading Verse: Exodus 6:1-29

and his incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength

Ephesians 1:19

One of the events in the Word of God is a sea divided into two. This is a spectacular fact because there is none in this world that has power to turn sea into land. But because of the power of God, anything is possible. The God we worship is the God who has the limitless power so we should not be afraid. As we go through life, problems or obstacles sometimes make us feel like giving up and limit our ability to face everything. However, at the moment when we feel like giving up, remember that God has much bigger power than anything, because is His power is limitless.

God’s power is amazing, it is greater than everything else. God is able to do beyond our thoughts. What seems difficult to us is possible to God to solve it. Therefore, we should only depend on Him, because with Him we are able to do great things.

Moreover, believe that the power of God is the same today, tomorrow and forever (Hebrews 13:8). If Jesus has helped us in the past, believe that He will help us today. Never doubt His help.

The first thing to enjoy God’s power is believe and never doubt, because those who doubt will be difficult to see and enjoy God’s miracle (James 1:7).  So no matter how heavy the problem is, don’t easily give up. We’ve got to have faith and fully trust His power. It takes great faith and trust in order to see the glory

Whatever we are experiencing now, whether a problem or an illness, don’t become trembled and disappointed. Never give up, keep going forward because we’ve got God whose power is limitless and who is able to do anything. He will give help to us. Just believe and do our parts, because with Him our lives will experience victory.


Therefore, believe that the power of God never changes today, tomorrow and forever.

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