God’s Miracle

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Reading Verse: Joshua 19:1-51

 Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.”

And the woman was healed at that moment.

Matthew 9:22

When Jesus was still on earth, He did many miracles that amazed many people. Crippled men can walk and blind men can see again. God’s power remains the same because even today the miracles still happen to us who believe. One step to receive God’s miracle is having a humbled heart, surrendering self to God, and not relying on our own strength. In other words, we don’t give in to situations but we realize as human beings we have limits and we give our struggles only to God. When we give it all to God, then He will show His work revealing His miracle to us, so we can see the power of healing and help to our problems. Let God do His work in our lives by surrendering all to Him.

Next is to have patience. Waiting is hard for all of us. When we haven’t seen God’s miracle, oftentimes we grumble, but in fact there is power and miracle of God behind our patience. While waiting for God’s miracle, we need to be patient, thankful and persevering, because hope in the Lord is never wasted. He will reveal everything in His time. While we are waiting for God’s miracle, we have to take care ourselves in order to remain pleasing before God. Never be impatient and use our own ways. A rushed step will keep us away from God’s miracle, but patience will give us the best fruit. The next step is to believe. Even though our circumstances haven’t changed, nor have we seen the power of God, we should not dismay. We need to learn to believe that the miracle of God is real. He never lies in all of His promises. We should be willing to believe that His promise will be fulfilled. Our faith to God determines the miracles we will receive.

Never be afraid in facing challenges and difficulties because God will help and reveal His miracle. Our part is to wait patiently, to persevere, and to have faith. No matter what happens, we should take heart and have faith that God’s miracle still happens today. Do not stagger and doubt.

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