The Strength of Believers

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Reading Verse: Exodus 37:1-29

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.

Isaiah 30:15


In going through this life, we experience various things, such as failures, problems, and challenges that sometimes make us weak. But, we should emain strong. When we do it all alone we will be failed because the strength of life doesn’t lie in what we have such as money, job positions, or wealth because all of these are temporary.

Our strength lies in God alone. He is the source of our strength. When we are close to Him, we will be strong in facing troubles. God is the true strength, therefore we must stay in Him and have a close relationship with Jesus.

The strength of life can be found when we read the Word of God because His word is the our spiritual food. In the Word is written God’s promises, which will strengthen our faith. Through the reading of God’s word we can meditate each of His promise to make our faith remain strong. But, we should not only meditate on The Word, but also be able to carry it out. Living in His word will mature our faith. So always have a desire to read the Word of God, because from it is our spiritual strength.

A pareyr is also the strength of our life. When we feel that we are weak, pray to God so that we can be strengthened again. Praying may look simple but it can give good impacts to us. It is written in Isaiah 30:15 that in quietness and trust is our strength. Similarly, our power and strength lie in praise and worship. We need to praise and worship God everyday.

Being faithful to God is also the strength of our life because the faith will make us trust Him, and will bring new hope.

Remain strong in Jesus, because He never leaves us. Don’t be afraid and bitter because God will always guard our life. Keep moving forward in life with God; with Him we will be able to get victory. Amen.


The strength of our life is when we depend on and totally surrender to the Lord. 

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