God is Able to Turn Bad Situations Around

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Reading verse: Exodus 16:  1 – 36

“Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.”
Habakkuk 3: 18 (NKJV)

In the journey of our lives, there are times we are faced with awful situations that we do not hope for. In a gloomy situation, we might get disappointed and despaired. Nevertheless, we cannot give up easily for God is able to change everything. God is able to change a bad situation around into a good one, and he is able to heal and bless us. Keep in mind that whatever it is we are facing, it is not the end.  God still has a beautiful plan for us, His people. Thus, remain strong and firm. We may look at the story of Joseph when he was in a bad situation. Joseph was sold by his siblings and he was even imprisoned. However, he remained faithful in the Lord and eventually, he experienced greatness. God healed his situation and he became a blessing to his family.

Likewise, when we experience a bad situation, we should not give up easily, and we should turn to Jesus, who is our source of help. Jesus is able to do great things and there is nothing impossible for Him. Trust that God is working in all things and all problems to bring goodness for us, His people (Romans 8: 28). God will never leave us when we are facing problems, He is always there for us, and He is even always helping us. Do not give up easily. Instead, remain optimistic for there is always a guarantee and a hope in God. Hope in the Lord is never disappointing. Keep on moving forward, doing our part while surrendering only to God.

Next, when we experience something bad, we should at least learn to depend only on God. Do not draw far away from Him for He is our source of everything. It is only in Him that we receive joy, just like Habakkuk in Habakkuk 3: 18, he rejoiced though he was in the midst of a bad situation.

In the midst of a bad situation, we should watch our words; let no negative words come out of our mouths. Speak always the word of God for His word contains His promises. And if we continuously speak the promises of God in our lives, they will come to pass.  Though the situation may not yet change, continue speaking positively. Let God be the focus of our strength in life. Amen.

Jesus is able to do great things and there is nothing impossible for Him.

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