Only By His Grace

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Reading Verse: Exodus 33:1-23

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Philippians 4:23

When we have become successful at work, ministry and in family, sometimes we may think that all of those are the results of our hard work. As a matter of fact, all that we have are because of God’s grace that has made us become successful. Keep in mind that our ability is limited, but we worship the limitless God. So we can’t just count on our own strength and become arrogant.

The greatest gift that God has granted us is the gift of salvation because Jesus sacrificed so that our sins are forgiven and that we may get everlasting life. Therefore, we should be thankful because nobody would want to sacrifice himself for the sake of human’s salvation. Only Jesus is willing to sacrifice Himself, so never waste His great sacrifice. Through His sacrifice, our relationship with Father in heaven can be restored.

In addition, God also gives us joy and peace. Joyful people are different from those who are just happy. Joy is from the heart, and is not determined by any circumstances, while a happy heart is temporary and depends on the circumstances. So, when we are joyful, it’s all because of His grace. Joy can’t be bought. Many people have a lot of assets but they can’t be joyful and their heart is empty. So, joy is precious, and when we can be joyful it’s all because of His grace. Joy is the strength of our life. In order to be joyful, we need to stay close to God because He is the source of our joy.

It is also a gift to serve God, because not everybody is called to serve. It’s an honor to serve God because He is the King of all kings. So, when we have a chance to serve Him, we have to really do it with our hearts.

God will not keep His grace when we ask Him. Therefore, always ask for His grace.


Believe that His grace will always be poured out upon us who always keep our hope in Him. Amen. 

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